T H E R M O S E T    R U B B E R

BurkeBase® Rubber Wall Base Type TS

Burke’s premium molded wall base, unsurpassed in quality and performance; the perfect choice for your next installation. BurkeBase® is vulcanized thermoset rubber and molded to provide the dimensional consistency and stability that prevents unsightly shrinkage or expansion. BurkeBase wraps around corners, columns, and curved walls with a special positive top return that ensures a snug wall fit. BurkeBase’s natural satin finish works well with varying textures of flooring and walls.

The complete Uni-Color™ System of 20 colors is available to match the entire line of Burke Flooring products, including Tile, Stair Treads, Mouldings, and accessory products. An additional 56 wall base colors offer a wide array of sophisticated hues. Custom color matching is always available when you need to expand on our standard color palette.

Inside and outside corners are molded to match all wall base sizes except 10" and toeless base.


1/8" Cove Base 2.5",4",6" 4' 76
1/8" Toeless Base 2.5",4",6",10" 4' 76
1/8" Cove Inside & Outside Corners 2.5",4",6" 3" wings 76
1/8" Cove Outside Corners 4" 5" wings 76
1/8" Toeless Base - Outside Corners OnlyBase 4",6" 3" wings 76