Custom Colors are Always AvailableSpectraSolids Color Samples

SpectraSolids require a minimum order of 1,000 Square Feet.

The colors shown below are examples to demonstrate the unlimited possibilities. Take virtually any base color you can imagine ... submit a paint chip, laminate swatch, a piece of fabric or whatever. Burke will match it and send you a strike off for your approval. Design your own color to suit your project perfectly!


We require 14 business days to produce special order SpectraSolids lab samples and we must limit them to a maximum of 3 samples per sample request.

Check the checkboxes under the sample you would like to receive then click the Add to Cart button. You can adjust quantities in the Sample Cart.

SS10 Stonewashed

234 Noble Fir
SS11 Pumpkin Patch
SS12 Mustard
SS12 Mustard
SS13 sherbet
SS13 Sherbet
SS14 hazard_orange
SS14 Hazard Orange

SS15 Red Rover
SS15 Red Rover
SS16 Bee Bop
SS16 Xanadu

SS17 spice_gyrl
SS17 Spice Gyrl

SS18 passion_plus
SS18 Passion Plus

SS19 reflex
SS19 Reflex
SS20 blue_suede_shoes
SS20 Blue Suede Shoes
SS21 peacock
SS21 Peacock
SS22 serenity_now
SS22 Serenity Now
SS23 blue_bayou
SS23 Blue Bayou
SS24 surf_city
SS24 Surf City
SS25 go_fish
SS25 Go Fish
SS26 catalina
SS26 Catalina
SS27 mushroom_magic
SS27 Mushroom Magic
SS28 legal_ease
SS28 Legal Ease
SS29 durango
SS29 Durango
SS30 global_impact
SS30 Global Impact
SS31 cashmere
SS31 Cashmere
SS32 greenpeace
SS32 Greenpeace
SS33 wall_street
SS33 Wall Street
SS34 glade
SS34 Glade
SS35 fairway
SS35 Fairway
SS36 estuary
SS36 Estuary
SS37 forest_funk
SS37 Forest Funk
SS38 seattle_sage
SS38 Seattle Sage
SS39 stormy
SS39 Stormy
SS40 mouse
SS40 Mouse
SS41 royal_highness
SS41 Royal Highness
SS42 red_rock
SS42 Red Rock
SS43 oxford
SS43 Oxford
SS44 sedona
SS44 Sedona


Color and Pattern Accuracy
All product colors and patterns shown are reproduced as closely as possible to actual colors and patterns as computer images allow. Burke Flooring assumes no responsibility for differences between colors shown and actual colors. Use an actual sample or strike-off of color or pattern before placing order.