Endura Rubber Tile & Treads
10 Year Limited Warranty


Stair Treads
5 Year Limited Warranty


Base & Access
2 Year Limited Warranty


Burke Rubber Tile & Treads
5 Year Limited Warranty


Burke Vinyl Tile & Treads
5 Year Limited Warranty


Luxury Vinyl Tile
10 Year Limited Warranty


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Warranties Will Be Void If:

Conditions Or Affects Not Warranted:

Warranty Terms

Any defects must be reported to Burke within 30 days after discovery of defect. Always dry lay floor before installation to inspect for defects. Burke reserves the right to inspect all claims against our warranties. Burke will not be liable for shipping costs of assumed defective products if the product is found not to be defective. In the event that labor charges are paid, Burke will pay normal and reasonable rates consistent with industry standards as determined by Burke. Any special condition warranties must be in writing from Burke’s president or director of all flooring sales.